Our Approach to Project Management

Genelco processes are executed following customized procedural scripts produced in-house by our technical writing staff. These scripts follow manufacturer’s guidelines and project specifications, ensuring every piece of equipment is able to fulfill its intended role. At the conclusion of commissioning, a detailed report is provided including a general summary, a listing of anomalies discovered, the scripted procedures and data sheets that were used, the data gathered, as well as any other supporting documentation collected and deemed pertinent to archive with the project report.

Genelco follows a scheme that we refer to as the, “5 + 2 Levels of Commissioning”. These Levels stem from industry accepted practices and are described below.

LEVEL 0: Design Stage

  • Review & comment on the initial design during permitting
  • Uploading of required information to the USGBC when Enhance LEED, CALGreen, or equivalent

LEVEL 1: Factory Witness (FWT)

  • Review & comment on factory procedures
  • Provide presence at the manufacturer

LEVEL 2: Breaker & Electrical Component Acceptance

  • Test protective devices & associated hardware electrically & mechanically
  • Generate Arc Flash / Short Circuit Coordination Studies

LEVEL 3: Installation, Vendor Startup, Test & Balance

  • Generate custom Installation Check Sheets is support of the 3-part Level 3
  • Level 3a – Received, correct with options & undamaged
  • Level 3b – Installed with good workmanship, interfacing & labelling
  • Level 3c – Vendor startup performed
  • Test & Balance (by TAB contractor) verified

​​LEVEL 4: Subsystems Commissioning

  • Custom scripted commissioning procedures authored and executed.
  • Failure & maintainability scenarios simulated
  • Power quality & infrared data recorded

LEVEL 5: Integrated Systems Testing (IST)

  • Facility exercised at multiple load levels
  • Automated survival/recovery verified
  • Building Management System fully vetted

LEVEL P: Post Commissioning

  • Report generated
  • Lessons learned meetings conducted
  • User understanding verified
  • Seasonal/Warranty verification performed
  • Upload to USGBC for Enhanced LEED, CALGreen, or equivalent

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