Financial Client: Bank of America – Infomart

LOCATION: Dallas, Texas

This was a Tier II commissioning site with LEED Certification. The scope of work focused on collecting and fulfilling all LEED Certification requirements. Genelco collected and managed all MEP testing to ensure it conformed to LEED guidelines. We worked closely with the owner and construction teams, including attending pre and post construction meetings. Genelco proved installation and integrity of all wiring and terminations, locating and overseeing the repair of all weaknesses that could occur over lengthy full-load conditions. All accessible power components were IR scanned to reveal hot spots that may have required attention. This commissioning also included a four hour burn-in of all generators.

The commissioning process was based on scripted procedures developed by Genelco as per project specifications and equipment manufactures’ guidelines. All line items within procedures were executed and noted per the results of each test. All electrical, mechanical, and fire safety systems were individually sub-system tested and verified for proper operations of all design functions. The completed test procedures were included in a close-out report followed by all test data associated with each test procedure.

Over the course of the project, components and systems commissioned included:

  • (1) 1200A medium voltage switchgear and paralleling controls (SWGR-G)
  • (4) 1,750 kW 4160vac generators
  • (4) 4,000 and 3,200A switchgear (SWGR –M, T, GW, A)
  • (1) Diesel fuel monitoring system
  • (1) 3200A UPS output switchboard (SSBM-A)
  • (3) 500kVA / 450kW UPS modules, with battery system
  • (3) BTech battery monitoring system
  • (1) UPS maintenance global wrap bypass board (USB-A)
  • (3) Distribution boards 4 – 1200A, 1-200A (DP-A, B, C, D)
  • (4) 4160 : 480 vac transformers, 3-2500/3333kVA, and 1-2000/2667kVA
  • (2) 2000A switchboards (USB-A, GWSB-A)
  • (9) 1000A static transfer switches (A1-A9)
  • (18) 300kVA PDUs, 2-225kVA PDUs
  • ​(18) 400A RPP panels
  • (3) 375 ton air-cooled chillers
  • (3) Plate/Frame heat exchangers
  • (1) 2000kW load bank
  • (5) 1000gpm chilled water pumps, 30hp
  • (8) Group Liebert chilled water cooling units
  • (4) 37,500 cfm air handling units for various spaces
  • BMS Controls System for monitoring electrical and monitoring and controlling HBAC systems
  • Wet and pre-action sprinkler system and fire alarm
  • (2) EPO system as may be applicable
  • Facility grounding systems
  • Data monitoring system (Datatrax or Site Scan)

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