Healthcare Client:

LOCATION: Napa, California
SQUARE FOOTAGE: 80,000 (Phase 1)   80,000 (Phase 2 & 3)

This project scope included, the renovation of the existing data center and the acquisition of an additional 160,000 S.F. The project entailed enclosing most of first floor glazed area, seismic upgrades, approximately 61,000 S.F. of raised floor area, approximately 30,000 S.F. of support space (offices, cubicles, etc.) and complete MEP upgrades to support 4 MW total load with V/D data equipment included. In subsequent phases, the MEP infrastructure is being upgraded to support incremental MW increases to 5 MW, 7.5 MW, and 10 MW.

Genelco has served as the commissioning authority for all phases of this renovation and remains the commissioning authority for work on-going with responsibility for full commissioning of existing and new equipment, controls and monitoring systems.

Over the course of the project, components and systems commissioned included:

  • (8) 4,000A distribution switchboards
  • Generator paralleling system and fuel oil transfer pumps
  • (2) 1,500kW diesel engine generators
  • (2) Input, bypass, and tie interlocked switchboards
  • (8) 675kW/750kVA UPS modules and associated battery systems with monitoring
  • (30) 225kVA PDU’s
  • (60) RPP panels
  • EPO system
  • (4) Centrifugal 1000 ton chillers
  • Central plant pumping system
  • (1000+) circuit breakers (low voltage primary current injection testing)
  • Hot water system
  • Chilled water piping loop system with automatic valves
  • (60) Chilled water CRAC units
  • Air handling units and exhaust fans
  • Leak detection system

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